Vocational Training & Education for Aluminium Sector


The major goal of the ALUVET project is to improve the professional development of VET trainers in light metals/aluminium downstream processes through training modules linked with national and European level VET and ECVET. In addition, the modules will provide clear knowledge of the learning outcomes, worker profiles, and required competencies in these areas.

Although light metals implementation and design methods are very different from general metal technology vocational courses, and learning outcomes are different, the current curriculum and training programs in other VET providers do not adequately include downstream light metals design practices, resulting in skill mismatches.

Because of the students’ lack of competency, the situation also leads to youth unemployment. AluVET tackles the issues by developing complete training programs based on industry needs. AluVET also assists VET providers in implementing these training programs by providing outputs that aim to facilitate adaptation through assistance.


With the new industry needs-based training program supporting the curriculum, the general objective is to increase the light metal / Aluminum focused proficiencies of metal technology professional educators and students.

Educating Awareness

Educating Awareness of the learning outcomes and knowledge gap in Europe among VET providers, trainers, administrators, relevant decision-makers, and industry representatives Aluminum is a critical component in Europe's transformation to a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy.

Toolbox Platform

Providing VET Scholars, trainers, students, blue collars, and aluminum industry officials with an up-to-date Toolbox platform utilized in downstream production in the aluminum industry, as well as on-the-job observation service points.

Raising Awareness

Raising trainers' and students' sectoral and digital awareness, as well as developing new programs in the light metals sector.

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the gap between Vocational Education and Training providers and industry representatives in terms of vocational competence. 

Interactive Training

Providing an online, interactive training environment that meets ECVET criteria and current industry needs.

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