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IO1: Aluminium focused Light Metals Vocational Training Module Development

Industrial needs-based training modules for light metals will be designed to fill sectoral HR needs on the sector. The output is an innovative approach to the current Metal technologies curriculum in both national levels and ECVET level. The mentioned light metals modules will be specific and explain metal industries from a different perspective also containing Glass, Iron, Steel, Construction perspectives. The module contributes to the downstream procedures of light metals design.

IO2: Online Interactive Sector Oriented Soft and Digital Skills Learning Modules

Metal Technology and light metals Technologies blue collars and vocational students will benefit from a combination of soft and digital Skills Learning modules. There will be two aspects to the trainings: digital skills and soft skills. A) technologically illiterates, literates, and advanced will be targeted by the Digital Skill training package. The topics covered in a soft skill training module could range from CV preparation to sanitation norms, physical appearance, and general workplace safety precautions. e to the downstream methods of light metals design.

IO3: Developing guidelines for the Implementation of Training and Adaptation to Vocational Education and ECVET Alignmen

This Output will develop training modules that will be completely compatible to the national metal Technologies curriculum and ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational education and Training).

IO4: Production and measurement tools used in Aluminum Technology (Aluminium Toolbox) Sector and on-the-job observation points

By building an online toolbox and on-the-job observation map, this Output intends to upskill VET teachers, students, and blue-collar workers in the aluminum Technologies industry. This output will provide industrial tools and machines that will be used in Light Metals training modules. It is a supporting output to O1 and O3.

IO5: Light Metals Sectoral Needs and Training Program Hand Book

The handbook will be developed to provide VET and other aluminum industry leaders with information about the project and its outcomes. It will highlight continuing findings from field research, as well as industry demands for light metals worker learning outcomes. It will also feature soft and digital skills training modules and platforms, information on how to access MOOCs, an implementation guide, and information on how to use the toolbox and observation points mapping platform.